Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bennett in Third in UT Poll?

A new poll places three-term incumbent GOP Senator Bob Bennett in third place against two upstart rivals in the upcoming primary in that state. The poll was conducted by the Salt Late Tribune and shows him significantly behind.

Partial results:

Mike Lee 37%
Tim Bridgewater 20%
Bob Bennett 16%
Cherilyn Eagar 11%
Not Sure 15%

If Bennett does lose, it appears to be of his own making:

Darren Park, a delegate from Riverton, is one of those. He hasn't decided between backing Lee or Bridgewater, but says he won't vote for Bennett because of the senator's health care proposal, which would have required individuals to buy health care, and his support for the first round of bank bailouts during the Bush administration.
"It's very much about Senator Bennett and not only what he has done and what he didn't do," Park said, in opposing congressional actions "that are incompatible, I believe, with the values and principles most Utahns share."

We're not Utahns, but we've written on this recently. Tim posted this yesterday:

Announcing the Endorsement of Bob Bennett.


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