Wednesday, April 21, 2010

McCain to Crist: Don't Do It

In a similar message to GOP leader Mitch McConnell, Arizona Senator John McCain has told Florida Governor Charlie Crist not to run as an independent if he loses the Florida GOP Senate primaries. McCain, who's facing his own tough primary has told the governor that he will not back Crist if he runs as an independent.

Pressed further, McCain said, “I support Republicans.”

McCain, who is facing a GOP primary challenge this year,  added that Crist is “a dear friend. I like him, admire him and respect him, but I’m also a Republican.”

Crist is fast running out of options. The longer he waits the more he looks like he's desperate if he actually runs as an indie. I can't tell Crist what to do, but he has to realize that even if he wins the Senate race, it would be the end of his tenure in the GOP and any Presidential ambitions.

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