Monday, April 26, 2010

Interview with

 Jumping in Pools is proud to present its next interview for our site. This time we're interviewing Karl, the editor of the site, a fine conservative site with a sense of style. This is number 82 in our ongoing series. Make sure to bookmark Ushanka!

1. When/why did you start the Ushanka site?

I developed the MSM Headline feature - now the home page at - in 2005.  A friend started the development in early 2006 and we launched the site in October 2006.  It wasn't intended to prove that the Main Stream Media is biased.  We're long past that.  No, the headline rating system at was built to mock the media libs.  To create a site where their bias can be rated for all to see.

The motivation behind the headline bias rating feature came from long, busy days in Corporate America.  Like my co-workers I had maybe one minute to hit the Yahoo home page a couple times a day to get a high-level view of the latest news.   Unlike most of my co-workers, I knew I was reading what the MSM wanted me to read.  The frustration grew when I'd pass liberal co-workers in the hall who also read just the biased headlines.  "Hey Karl, looks like Bush can't get the right body armor over to Iraq".  Or, "Hey Karl, looks like Bush doesn't have a chance in 2004".

2. Were you the one behind the Obama Ushanka hat?

Yes, the ushanka hat idea was mine. The genie says I have two more wishes, but how do I top that hat?!  

I toured the hat and placard factories in South East China (Shen Zen) in late 2007, and debuted the hat at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) conference in February 2008.  Our first placard had "Obama '08" on one side, and "Hillary '08" on the other.  We took the dangerous risk of assuming in 2007 that John Edwards wouldn't make the final cut in 2008!

3. Has President Obama been better or worse than you expected/feared?

Far worse.  Our Commie Obama hat went from 'fringe' to mainstream when 2/3's of the American auto industry was nationalized.  

We started tracking Obama's communist inspirations in a simple two-page To-Do List.  A list that separates his actions from his words.   

4. Any favorites for 2012 yet? Anyone you would not vote for on the GOP line?
Like most conservatives, we are resigned to the reality that our candidate will be chosen long before our state's primary comes around.  Our fingers are crossed that the voters in Iowa, New Hampshire and other early primary states that dropped the ball in 2008 have learned from their mistake.

5. What's the best part about running your site?

It is uniquely Karl: an ex-Army officer and student of National Security; an avid reader of Soviet and communist history who appreciates a good cigar and his pet rabbits; and an ideologue who has found comfort in his current position at the far end of the right wing.
6. Anything else you'd like to add?

Thanks to Jumping in Pools for these great questions and for their great blog!
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Karl said...

Wow! What an honor!

Thanks again guys!