Friday, April 23, 2010

The Pentagon is disinviting Franklin Graham.

It is being reported that the Pentagon has disinvited Evangelist Franklin Graham from a previously scheduled event during the National Day of Prayer, because one organization complained about some of Graham's past comments, who is the son of famed Evangelist and spiritual adviser to several Presidents, Billy Graham.

What could Graham have possibly said to warrant his removal? He legitimately criticized the religion of Islam after the September eleventh attacks as an "evil religion" and he also has expressed concerns about the foul treatment of Muslim women in strict Islamic dominated Nations.

I'm confused. A Christian Minister is being targeted for opposing his 1,000 year religious enemy that is Islam and for specific comments this Minister made in the direct aftermath of September eleventh, when anti-Islamic feelings were understandably heated in America.

Political correctness has struck again! America is now punishing a Christian Minister for publicly questioning and opposing the religion of Islam and its' radical elements after the September eleventh attacks, of which 3,000 American citizens dead at the hand of radical Islam.

As a Christian, as an American and as someone who questions the radical elements of Islam (all elements to be honest, considering it's my spiritual foe), I'm offended by the Pentagon's decision and disgraced. What has happened to this Nation? Acceptable opposition to different religions and understanding proper context apparently are lost arts.

On a political note: I have doubted that the Evangelical vote would remain at 30% for Barack Obama in 2012, considering the Democratic average for a Presidential candidate is 23% and Evangelicals should be in fierce opposition to the socially liberal agenda of the Administration.

After this disaster with Franklin Graham, the son of a well respected Evangelical Evangelist, I wouldn't even expect Obama to receive 20% of the Evangelical vote in 2012. I could be wrong, but we'll see in 31 months.

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