Saturday, April 24, 2010

Christie has gained 4.5% support in New Jersey.

Chris Christie is being called the "Jersey Reagan" by some, the "Trenton Thunder" by others, but by all positive accounts Chris Christie is doing what Garden State Governors have neglected to do for years upon years: Cut spending. Cut government. Cut unions.

There are no sacred cows in the Garden State anymore, all public officials ranging from overpaid teachers to overpaid police officers are facing the "devourer" of spending. Christie doesn't care about your race, position, creed, position, affiliation, instead he cares about the future of New Jersey, which is bleak unless serious and drastic cuts of government are made.

Conservatives are cheering on Chris Christie from around the Nation, as he could be the example for all Red Republicans in Blue States across the land, but our outsider opinion means nothing, of course it will if Christie ever runs for President, but I'm interested in what the local New Jersey citizens are thinking.

Chris Christie was elected with 48.5% of the vote last November, compared to 44.9% of the vote for his Democratic opponent, and 5.8% for an Independent candidate who failed in his attempt to screw over Christie's electoral chances. Now, according to a recent poll from Rasmussen Reports Christie is enjoying a 53% approval rating, compared to 45% who disapprove of his job, thus far into his first term.

Those approval ratings are not stunning, but the overall reaction to his spending and union cuts have been overwhelmingly positive, regardless of political affiliation. It's true that Democrats will never approve of Christie as a politician or as a Governor, but a lot of them are approving of his policies.

In the end, Christie has gained 4.5% support in New Jersey over the course of six months, even with all of the policies he has been enacting on a regular basis. It's true his approval rating has fallen from "historic highs" of 57% before he was sworn in as Governor, but I also remember the President once enjoyed 70% approval ratings...........

Christie has survived his first three months as Governor (memo to unions - Thanks for not killing Chris Christie) of New Jersey with accomplishments across the board, but we'll see in three years whether or not the voters really approve of his accomplishments. Until then, CUT! BABY! CUT!

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