Friday, April 30, 2010

Letter to the citizens of Hawaii.

To the citizens of Hawaii's first congressional district:


I must first admit something: I am not a citizen of Hawaii, I have never visited Hawaii, and I have no relations in Hawaii, but I am a fellow American citizen who has been following your special election with great interest. Your special election will not only impact Hawaii's political foundations, but it could shake up the entire United States House of Representatives.

When it was first announced that Congressman Abercrombie was stepping down, I was optimistic and hopeful for whomever the eventual Republican nominee would be. But, when I read into the political record of Councilman Djou, he won me over on a silver platter, because this man is not just a fine Republican, but he's also a fine Representative.

Whether it be in the Hawaii House of Representatives or the Honolulu City Council; Charles Djou has fought for his fellow citizens. Mr.Djou has fought political and social corruption, something he feels very strongly about. Mr.Djou would also be someone quite unique in America's Democratic controlled Congress - an Independent thinker.

Charles Djou doesn't pander for votes, he has remained committed to his principles and values through out this entire election. Such as his firm commitment to traditional marriage between one man and one woman. Unlike his two opponents, who both accept the homosexual notion of marriage in one way or another.

With all of the above in mind: I ask that the citizens of Hawaii, who will soon receive their mail-in-ballots, vote for Charles Djou, a man of the Hawaiian people. He will stand strong in Congress for our common values, and he will legislate as an Independent thinker, who will fight for a better and stronger Hawaii and America.

- A Concerned Conservative.

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