Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bernie Goldberg, George Washington and Jon Stewart.

Bernie Goldberg, a well known critic of the "Lamestream Media" and Jon Stewart, published an interesting article on his website yesterday, dealing with "mis-information" on the Internet, the vulgar nature of Jon Stewart fans, and a call for civil discourse between liberal and conservative commenters on his website.

For those who are unaware: Jon Stewart and Bernie Goldberg have been bickering at each other over the course of the part week, and Stewart fans have invaded the Bernard Goldberg website posting downright disgusting and insulting comments. Unlike a general Town Hall meeting or an established debate between opposing figures; The Internet is the wild west, and attitudes can be detestable.

Despite the fact that I have a Web site, I’ve never been much of a web guy. Yes, there’s lot of interesting stuff out there, but there’s also a lot of garbage. And worse.
I’m sure that there’s info someplace on the Web explaining how George Washington was born in Saudi Arabia and is the son of a Martian mother and Puerto Rican father.

And some poor kid in third grade, assigned to do a book report on our first president, will put that crap in his paper, thinking it’s all true. But the fact is, as many of you know, anybody can put anything on the web anytime he or she wants.

After a bad experience with Wikipedia, when someone posted malicious information about me, I went on Fox and said that whatever else Wikipedia is, it’s also a platform for anonymous defamation. People put all sorts of misinformation on the site. Yes, I know there are mechanisms to delete slanderous material, but it’s up there for the world to see, until the victim learns of it – if he ever does – and takes it down.

Read the rest at Bernie Goldberg's website.

There's no reason for one to disagree with Bernie Goldberg when it comes to the Internet. I'm sure there is a website that has been launched proclaiming President George Washington is the son of a Saudi Arabian pirate, and it's true that attitudes and discussions on the Internet are distasteful and downright disgusting. Jumping in Pools is well aware of this: We faced off against Little Green Footballs, who attacked an Autistic blogger, and refused to refute previous insults or comments.

The truth is this: Liberals are vile, Liberals are hostile and Liberals will always be on the losing side of the argument, thus we shouldn't expect anything better from the deranged viewers of Jon Stewart, a man who some are dubbing the face of "liberalism on television". If he's their point man, than we shouldn't have much trouble winning back the House or Senate in 2010.

Also, where are the Conservative comedians, the satirical Conservative television shows and the Comical Conservative criticism of liberal ideals? That's what I want to know, perhaps we can deal with Jon Stewart on smart terms: You can bash us all you want, as long as you guarantee us a Conservative show on your network.

Think he'll consider that deal? Neither do I.

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