Thursday, April 29, 2010

The District, Puerto Rico, and Felons, oh my.

The debate over Puerto Rico is heating up; as the United States House of Representatives passed the Puerto Rico Democracy Act this evening, advancing the legislation to the United States Senate, where passage is less certain. I support Puerto Rico becoming our 51st State, but several parts of the proposed legislation I just cannot support, and thus I oppose it as written.

Some are calling this a "voting scheme" by Democrat Representatives to guarantee their power for decades upon decades. It's true that Democrats are pushing hard for the District of Columbia to receive "state like" congressional voting rights, which is unconstitutional, and that Democrats want felons to vote, but Puerto Rico is a different situation altogether.

Puerto Rico would actually represent an unprecedented expansion for Republicans. Just to make sure those who read this article understand: The admission of Puerto Rico as our 51st State would help Congressional Republicans, not Congressional Democrats. Call me crazy, but Puerto Rico is a well known bastion of social conservatism, and their popular Governor is a union fighting Republican.

Let us straighten a few things out:

1. Puerto Rico should become our 51st State. Period.

2. Puerto Rico is not a Democratic controlled Commonwealth.

3. Puerto Rico does pay some federal taxes.

4. Puerto Rico would become our third bilingual State.

What would it take for me to support this legislation?

1. Constitutional Convention over Plebiscites.

2. Only citizens vote for Representatives to Convention.

3. Puerto Rico's decision must be approved by Congress.

I have deep respect for the citizens of Puerto Rico who want statehood, I can appreciate that, and for the politicians who want statehood as well, including the Conservative New Progressive Party. However, the current legislation is unacceptable and it will subvert Democracy, as in the words of Congressman McClintock.

I also want to remind Conservatives who oppose Puerto Rico Statehood on several false and insulting grounds, that Puerto Rico will represent a massive bastion of new Republican voters who will be searching for a pro-life, pro-marriage, pro-school choice, anti-tax party. Which political party would suit those needs again?

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Anonymous said...

I'm intrigued by the concept. I wonder just how much difference it would make in grand scheme of things.

Anonymous said...

You do know the citizens of PR have voted against statehood 3 times.

Do you also know this would constitute massive expansion of welfare rolls and those recipients are far more likely to become D voters than R?