Friday, April 30, 2010

The Fox News of the Blogosphere.

Call me prejudiced, but I believe Jumping in Pools is the Fox News of the Blogosphere. I don't drink alcohol or smoke illegal substances (or legal ones, to be honest), so I am writing this as a 100% sane individual who is looking at this argument from a objective standpoint: Without a blog such as Jumping in Pools, 700 Conservatives per day would be adrift in a blogosphere of unknowns.

Maybe I have lost it, but Jumping in Pools was one of the first blogs to support Doug Hoffman, Scott Brown, Charles Djou, and we're on the ball, when others are not: Our leading example is the Tea Party Express endorsing Walt Minnick, some were blinded by Tea Party protests, but we were shocked by the news, and felt a need to alarm the citizens of America as to the idiotic endorsement of Walt Minnick, a Pelosi Democrat.

We don't have a Bill O'Reilly, but we do have a Matthew Avitabile. We don't have a Neil Cavuto, but we have a Michael Avitabile. We don't have a Glenn Beck, but we have me. We don't have a dumb, yet lovable Democrat, but we do have Joe C, who is quite intelligent, when he wants to be.

It's true that our profits would force a local Deli out of business, and perhaps a neighborhood kid mowing lawns or shoveling snow, and maybe even a cheap prostitute, and even some workers at McDonald's, but we love blogging, we love Conservatism, and we love America, and if that's good enough for us, it's good enough for all of our readers as well.

Readers will come and go, must will go, but we'll be right here: Writing, blogging, whoring, and doing everything else under the sun to bring readers in. We (at least I think all of us can agree) hope that if you like Jumping in Pools, you'll continue to visit. If you like our content, please drop a comment in support or even of opposition.

God Bless America and long live The Fox News of the Blogosphere! (Or in other words, Jumping in Pools.)

PS - In response to Reaganite Republican: We don't have any hot blonde chicks, but we do expose liberals for the silicon boobs they are.

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Reaganite Independent said...

Where are your hot news chicks?

It's named 'Fox' for a reason!

Editor said...

We do have pictures of Joe in a dress

The Lonely Conservative said...

RR- He did a post about me! :-P