Friday, April 30, 2010

GOP Leads in Murtha Seat Polls

The Hill is reporting that the GOP has taken the lead in two polls entering the final three weeks before the special election to fill former Congressman John Murtha's seat in Pennsylvania. According to Research 2000, which conducted the poll for the Daily Kos, Republican Tim Burns leads Democrat Mark Critz by six points. And the situation seems to be improving:

The Research 2000 poll for the liberal website Daily Kos has businessman Tim Burns (R) leading former Murtha aide Mark Critz 46-40. It's the biggest lead yet for Burns, who edged Critz 44-41 in a recent Public Policy Polling (D)survey.

President Obama's approval rating stands at a paltry 38% in the district while his disapproval is at 55%. The election in on Tuesday, May 18th-- the same day as some important Pennsylvania primaries.

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