Wednesday, April 21, 2010

VOTE: Who do you support for the 2012 Republican Nomination?

Please vote in our included poll.

I know we're still nine or ten months away from the 2012 Presidential cycle officially beginning, and we're still close to 20 months away from the first votes being cast in New Hampshire (Iowa uses a Caucus formation), but who doesn't want to have a poll asking hundreds upon hundreds of Republican voters who their candidate of choice is, at this time?

That's why I'm asking that all Republicans who participate in this poll (Independents and "Right thinking" Democrats are encouraged to participate as well) spread the word, because we need to know who is popular amongst Republican and Republican leaning voters, as the upcoming GOP nomination will be tight, close and passionate.

Now this poll will differ from previous "opinion polls" on Jumping in Pools, as this poll will include top tier, second tier and downright darkhorse candidates. I also want to invite all of the "voters" to consider Conservative principles, electability, and other contributing issues; such as National Defense when "voting" for a candidate, such as you will come early 2012.

Also, I 100% support websites such as Conservatives 4 Palin, Mitt Romney Central and Huck PAC using this poll to advance their favored candidate, I also appreciate the amount of hits such "hijacking" would bring Jumping in Pools as well.

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subwayguy99 said...

Gov Romney needs to stop apologizing for RomneyCare and say he learned from its mistakes. then he can attack O's big government.

Anonymous said...

We should be able to do write-ins.
I want to see Rep Paul Ryan and Rep Michele Bachmann.

CFD Common Mistakes said...

I will choose the best in this world...