Monday, April 26, 2010

Announcing the Endorsement of Bob Bennett.

I believe the upcoming Utah Republican Convention could define and brand our movement for months, years and elections to come. Our Republican movement will either remain a movement dedicated to National Defense, or transform into a pseudo-libertarian brothel that will force a third national party into existence.

Will we as Republicans reward legislative leaders such as Senator Bennett with reelection, or will we throw out National Defense accomplishments, for a supposed Constitutionalist, who does not respect the single most important aspect of federal government: National Defense. Considering Tea Partiers have proclaimed themselves "in control" of the Utah Republican Convention, this "election" will once and for all define Tea Partiers as either "allies" or "idealistic boobs".

With the above mentioned in mind, I would like to announce my personal endorsement of Bob Bennett to represent Utah Republicans in the upcoming United State Senate election. When we encounter steadfast Conservatives, especially on National Defense, we should never consider another man, especially one that doesn't understand the fundamentals of our current wars at hand.

I know the Republican Nomination comes down to hundreds of elected Delegates to the state Convention in a few weeks, but I would like to encourage all Republican voters in Utah to email, phone, and contact through all means your local Republican delegate, and please encourage him or her to support Bob Bennett for the Republican Nomination, as we need him more than ever in Washington.

Please visit Bennett's campaign website.

Also; this is a position I have remained consistent on: From Chuck Hagel (in opposition to) to Joe Lieberman (in support of) and dozens of supposed Republicans in between, including Ron Paul and Jason Chaffetz: National Defense or nothing.

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