Thursday, April 22, 2010

Comedy Central a Bunch of Gutless Wonders, Again

Comedy Central, which would normally be the sort of network to tell you about how incredibly "edgy" and avant garde it is chickened out for the second time. South Park again wanted to feature an image of Mohammed, and not only was the Islamic Prophet's image not shown, but parts were actually bleeped out.

This from the network that describes itself as basically going against the system by making fun of the Bush years incessantly and making an entire generation of 15-25 year olds think they're smart when, in fact, most are blithering idiots.

So you chickened out again, huh, you spineless wonders.

First they came for Theo van Gogh.
Then they came for Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

Where the hell are you, Comedy Central. Back up your number one (and only funny) show.

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Muhammad said...

*This post has been removed by Viacom*

Anonymous said...

comedy central have no respect fo0r their viewers, anyone who complaines about southpark 201 is too much of a moron for their opinion to matter,how long will it take for comedy central to grow a spine?