Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Blogosphere is lagging behind Jumping in Pools?

When it was announced that the Tea Party Express was endorsing Walt Minnick, a Democratic Congressman for reelection in Idaho's first congressional district, Jumping in Pools was on the ball and disgusted. We couldn't believe that the Tea Party movement would support a Democrat who voted for a "Speaker Pelosi", "Chairman Rangel", HR 4173, a weakened National Defense, along with other anti-Conservative stances.

Well, the rest of the Conservative Blogosphere has heard the news, and a massive reaction of "what the hell" has erupted across the Nation, because all of Minnick's Republican opponents are staunch Conservatives, who would never vote for a Speaker Pelosi, and all of them would represent Idaho's first congressional district with 100% Conservatism, instead of 30% Conservatism. I ask, which is more?

HotAir even published a poll asking their readers "Should Tea Party organizations consider endorsing Democrats in this cycle?", and the results have been overwhelming and expected: 66% of respondents said no, while just 27% of respondents believe that Democrats should be supported, apparently neglecting the "Pelosi effect".

What's the moral to be learned from this whole ordeal? One. Tea Partiers will be defined this Primary season and this November, whether some like it or not. Two. Conservatives should read Jumping in Pools on a regular basis. Three. NO DEMOCRAT should ever be trusted, or endorsed.

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