Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Obama Coalition.

Most American Presidents thrive for a coalition of young and old, white and black, Hispanic and Asian, poor and successful as their voting bloc. I know that's what I would strive for. However, it appears that President Obama does not desire a broad and diverse coalition of supporters.

President Obama wants:

Young voters of all races.
95% of all voting blacks.
70% of all voting Hispanics.
60% of all voting Asians.
100% of poor voters.

President Obama doesn't want:

Old white voters.
Small business owners.
Most Vietnamese voters.
Real Independents.

Is it just me, or does it seem like President Obama wants a certain "voter" of racial, social, and economic background, unlike Republicans who want all freedom loving individuals who favor a strong National Defense, a limited government and a Constitutionally dependent government. Perhaps I'm looking into this issue too much, but I think I'm right.

The President should be uniting the citizens of America, regardless of race, but instead he seems content with the same tired Democratic policies of targeting racial minorities for political gain.

Please note that Vietnamese voters were the only minority group (that I'm aware of) in America to support John McCain for President in 2008, along with George Bush back in 2004. Also, Congressman Cao was the first Vietnamese citizen to be elected into Congress: He's a devout Republican.

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1 comment:

RightKlik said...

I'm sure Obama would like Cuban-American voters to stay away from the polls too.