Saturday, April 24, 2010

I Told You the Warmers were Full of Crap

Some new news on how we can totally save our planet-- or perhaps just destroy the ocean's fragile ecosystem. Scientists have proposed that massive amounts of whale feces might be able to stop global warming. The plan: create more whales, feed 'em, and their crap will produce more plants, which will then filter out the CO2. Simple enough?

This is almost as smart as the idea to just start dumping iron into the sea for no apparent reason.

But the scientists are sure this will work, right?

"When whales consume the iron-rich krill, they excrete most of the iron back into the water, therefore fertilising the ocean and starting the whole food cycle again," scientist Steve Nicol said.
The research suggests that if whale numbers grow, their droppings could help marine plant life flourish, thereby improving the ocean's ability to absorb carbon dioxide blamed for global warming.

Wow! Research suggests! That actually means almost nothing. Rudimentary research by 8th graders could also suggest that the earth is flat.

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1 comment:

UNRR said...

Those ideas may sound crazy, but they are still far better than the massive taxes and more big government control normally favored by those warning of impending doom.