Friday, April 30, 2010

Should Jumping in Pools Draw a Picture of Mohammed?

HotAir has announced May 20th as the official "Draw Mohammed Day."  This is in response to South Park being censored, and as a general symbolic use of our First Amendment rights.  Now I ask the question, should we join the movement?

Where I sit, I honestly am not sure what to do.  No one likes their religion being mocked, and it is probably offensive to Muslims that have nothing to do with terrorists.  I don't want to insult people that have nothing to do with violence, death threats, or censorship.

But then again, as Americans, we have the right to say and do whatever we want so long as it doesn't present a clear and present danger, i.e. screaming "fire" in a crowded room or causing a riot.  People have portrayed Jesus, Buddha, and every other deity a thousand different ways, but we are not allowed to even draw Mohammed?  Mohammed isn't even divine, but rather a prophet.

So what should we do?  I'm sure Mr. K has an opinion on this.  But please note, we might go against or with the opinions of you all, so don't get all in our grill if we don't do what you want.

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Editor said...

Do it!

Editor said...

Without a doubt DO IT! Freedom of Speech trumps all possible insults. Besides, this is about radical islamic fascists, not peaceful individuals who express some tolerance.

Smstio said...

Having the right to do something is not necessarily justification for doing it. I would prefer to see a little respect for others' religions and others' feelings in our daily lives.

“In Republics, the great danger is, that the majority may not sufficiently respect the rights of the minority.” ~James Madison

Rudeness is the weak man's imitation of strength. ~Eric Hoffer

Aurelius said...

If we were to do this, it clearly wouldn't be us trying to "imitate strength" (which doesn't even make sense in the first place), nor would it be infringing on anyone else's rights. We would be using our right of free speech. I don't want to offend anyone, but something as innocuous as this isn't offensive anyway.

Smstio said...

I think people have a right not to be ridiculed for their religious beliefs. I don't think it's funny or entertaining or witty to insult people just because one may.

If you don't understand that rudeness is an imitation of strength, I would hope that you would agree that ridicule of someone's personal beliefs is rude.