Thursday, April 29, 2010

McCain Up 26% on Hayworth

Yes, I know all of the talk about John McCain being a RINO and he's terrible and what ever else people want to throw at him. The fact remains that he might be the single most fiscally conservative member of the entire Congress-- and during the tenure of President Obama, that's a very valuable trait. He's also one of the best members about military affairs and strategy-- also unlike the current president-- and JD Hayworth.

Remember that polls also have Hayworth behind the Democratic candidate for Senate if he should win the primary. Hayworth has surprisingly high negatives and was one of the number one taker of illicit funds from Jack Abramoff. Plus he was kicked out of Congress as an incumbent by a Republican district.

And now he's down 26% to John McCain. The RCP average has McCain up 15%. Pack it in, JD. Stop wasting everyone's time.

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1 comment:

Editor said...

I'd rather have a RINO who's great on National Defense than a corrupt Congressman who lost in a deep red district.