Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tea Partiers overtake Utah GOP?

Members of the Utah Tea Party movement are proclaiming their newfound control over the Utah Republican Party. This newfound control will not hurt Republican chances in Utah, as the state is one of the most Conservative in the Union, if not the most.

However, the problem will exist in whom the Utah Tea Party supports for the various Republican Nominations, because their candidates are more prone to Libertarianism and Isolationism, two ideologies that contradict the Republican movement as a whole.

Take for example the Utah Senatorial Republican Primary between Senator Bob Bennett and Constitutionalist Mike Lee. Tea Partiers can't stand the Senator for two or three reasons, and their in love with the Constitutionalist, for self explanatory reasons.

There's just a problem with their support of Mike Lee: While the Senator has been an ardent supporter of the War on Terrorism, our Armed Forces and a strict Pro-Military voter, Lee hasn't been reassuring as to what he believes on National Defense, and even falsely proclaimed that there is fewer than 100 Taliban in Afghanistan.

Utah is no longer debating economics or the past record of Senator Bennent: National Defense is on the ballot, as well as the future of the Republican movement in general. We'll we remain a party and movement that promotes National Defense above all else, or we'll we throw National Defense under the buss, in a deep red state, for "zero pork barrel spending"?

This Convention will define whether or not the Tea Partiers are allies or foes, because National Defense never takes a backseat to reducing the budget, or removing an honorable Senator from his seat, because he supports "pork barrel projects". I'm concerned about the Utah GOP being overtaken by a bunch of Tea Partiers who will screw our National Defense for supposed "Constitutional pureness".

Remember this............the major role of the federal government is National Defense - as written in the United States Constitution, I just hope enough Tea Partiers read and understand that before casting their ballot in a few weeks at the Utah GOP Convention.

The only acceptable vote in the upcoming Republican Convention, which will decide whether or not there is a Primary (if a candidate receives 60% or more of attendee ballots, that candidate is the automatic Republican nominee), is for Senator Bob Bennett, a man who will stand strong for our National Defense.

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