Sunday, April 25, 2010

Just 22% of Americans are "straight line" voters.

When Glenn Beck, a well known Libertarian radio and television talk show host, described the voting patterns of America as 15% beholden to Republicans, 15% beholden to Democrats, and 70% open to other candidates, he was deadwrong. To be honest, those numbers touted by Glenn Beck are too generous, according to a recent poll.

The April 2010 Battleground Poll asked 1,000 registered voters a series of political, religious and ideological questions. One of which dealt with voting patterns, and which party had the voters supported during recent elections.

The results are interesting:

Straight GOP - 10%.
Mostly GOP - 21%.
More GOP than DEM - 12%.
Independent/the person - 5%.
More DEM than GOP - 11%.
Mostly DEM - 24%.
Straight DEM - 12%.
Unsure/Refused - 6%.

Just 22% of American voters are strictly beholden to either political party, and 23% of voters favor their "perspective" party by a relative "more than" margin. Considering our polarized political system, it's hard to imagine that 67% of admitted American voters have supported candidates from either party.

This doesn't mean that the perfect candidate (if there ever was such a thing) could receive 75% plus of the nationwide vote, but it does explain why some Northern Republicans and Southern Democrats can win by substantial margins. In a state like New York or even Tennessee, the voters are not afraid of electing "moderates" from the traditionally opposite party.

Though irrelevant on a national scale, it does confirm Glenn Beck's point that most Americans are not "down the party line" voters or individuals, unlike me and 22% of the electoral populace.

Further more, when "Independent" and "unknown/refused" voters are removed from the equation, 48% of voters have a pattern of somewhat supporting Republicans, while 52% of voters have a pattern of somewhat supporting Democrats. Leaving America with 5 to 11% of the electoral populace who hold ultimate power come election day, confirming Karl Rove's estimation of "Independent" voters.


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1 comment:

Robert Simms said...

Calling Beck "deadwrong" on this might be a bit over the top. More than likely, he was just coming up with an approximation off the top of his head. 22% versus 30% isn't that far apart.