Saturday, April 24, 2010

Interview with Fred Ramey, Republican Candidate for Senate in Arkansas

Jumping in Pools is proud to present our 81st interview in our on-going series. Today, we are pleased to have Republican Fred Ramey of Arkansas answer some of our questions. Mr. Ramey is a conservative and a businessman who is running for election in Arkansas. Feel free to check out his campaign site here. Thanks to Mr. Ramey for a good interview:

Why do you want to become a United States Senator?

I believe that our current leadership is spending our children's future. We cannot continue at this current level of borrowing and spending indefinitely without bankrupting our country.

What lessons have you learned while co-owning Ramey & Co. Investments? Do these give you insights into the economic situations in Arkansas?

I have learned to be responsible, not to borrow more than you can pay back, that cash flow is crucial, and without it, you'll get a free one-way ticket to bankruptcy court. We have had many friends who have learned this lesson the hard way.

If elected, what plans do you have to help Arkansas economically?

I intend to place major focus on recruiting industry to Arkansas. Recently, Caterpillar located a new manufacturing plant to North Little Rock. These will be high paying jobs with great benefits, and we need more recruitment of quality companies such as this one.

Do you believe listening to your constituents is important?

Yes! If you're unwilling to listen, you're unfit for the job.

Now that the President's Health Care Bill has passed, if elected, would you work to repeal it?

Yes! First, I believe the bill is unconstitutional. Secondly, I do not believe we can afford it.

What is your favorite thing about the great state of Arkansas?

The friendliness of its people.

Anything more you would like to add?

Nothing to add, but would just like to keep this Administration from subtracting from my children's future!

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