Wednesday, August 19, 2009

AFL-CIO Threatens Blue Dogs

Not only have some of the unions in the Democratic Party's pocket already 'appeared' at town hall meetings, attempting to police the place, but now it appears that their activities include threatening the reelection of Democrats who have fallen out of favor with the President.

Following the debacle that was the President's attempt to ram through health care legislation, Blue Dog conservative Democrats are looking at a political assault from within their own party. In fact, Jimmy Hoffa Jr. stated that these politicians are making "a big mistake." That doesn't sound like the mob will "fix" the problem, does it?

Unfortunately, what has been forgotten is that the Senate only needs 51 of the 100 votes to pass the legislation. Blue Dogs don't make up nine Senators in the Senate. The Democrats can actually pass the bill if they're politically daring enough. Instead, the Blue Dogs are a convenient attack point.

According to the incoming President of the AFL-CIO Richard Trumka:

"The special interests, the pharmaceutical industry, the health care industry are so vested in the current system they'll so anything to keep it this way and we have a job to do there.

"We're also going to keep politicians strong so that they don't listen to the moneymen and continue to erode away or negotiate away a program [so much that it] ultimately becomes useless. Right now, without a public option [reform] becomes useless. It won't change the current system."

Couldn't unions like the AFL-CIO and the SEIU be counted in as special interests for their own profit? And couldn't all the contributions they give to Democratic politicians count them as moneymen.

Obama has unleashed a new torrent of corruption, and I expect many in big labor to profit. And if you disagree, watch your reputation and your political life die.

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