Sunday, November 8, 2009

Lap Dog Blue Dogs who Voted for Pelosicare

Congressman Arcuri - New York's 24th congressional district - R+2.
Congressman Baca - California's 43rd congressional district - D+13.
Congressman Berry - Arkansas 1st congressional district - R+8.
Congressman Bishop - Georgia's 2nd congressional district - D+1.
Congressman Boswell - Iowa's 3rd congressional district - D+1.
Congressman Cardoza - California's 18th congressional district - D+4.
Congressman Carney - Pennsylvania's 10th congressional district - R+8.
Congressman Cooper - Tennessee's 5th congressional district - D+3.
Congressman Costa - California's 20th congressional district - D+5.
Congressman Cuellar - Texas' 28th congressional district. - EVEN.
Congresswoman Dahlkemper - Pennsylvania's 3rd congressional district - R+3.
Congressman Donnelly - Indiana's 2nd congressional district - R+2.
Congressman Ellsworth - Indiana's 8th congressional district - R+8.
Congresswoman Giffords - Arizona's 8th congressional district - R+4.
Congresswoman Harman - California's 36th congressional district - D+12.
Congressman Hill - Indiana's 9th congressional district - R+6.
Congressman Mechaud - Maine's 2nd congressional district - D+3.
Congressman Mitchell - Arizona's 5th congressional district - R+5.
Congressman Moore - Kansas 3rd congressional district - R+3.
Congressman Murphy - Pennsylvania's 8th congressional district - D+2.
Congressman Pomeroy - North Dakota's at-large congressional district - R+10.
Congressman Salazar - Colorado's 3rd congressional district - R+5.
Congresswoman Sanchez - California's 47th congressional district - D+4.
Congressman Schiff - California's 29th congressional district - D+14.
Congressman Scott - Georgia's 13th congressional district - D+15.
Congressman Space - Ohio's 18th congressional district - R+7.
Congressman Thompson - California's 1st congressional district - D+13.
Congressman Wilson - Ohio's 6th congressional district - R+2.

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28 out of 52 congressional members of the "blue dog coalition" supported the Pelosi/Obama bill which will raise our taxes, destroy Capitalism, give the government more control of our lives, is in complete violation of the Constitution, will raise costs, and add trillions to the deficit. It will force us onto government run health care, will guarantee people something they have no right to, will instate death panels, will force jail time if you want freedom, and is the end of America as we know it.

Also, 14 of these "lap dogs" who voted for the Pelosi/Obama care freedom destruction bill of 2009, reside in Republican districts.

8th congressional district - United States Marine and Republican candidate for Congress, Justin Kelly is running against the supposed "lapdog" from this district, a candidate we must support.

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MarkJ said...

Interesting list. If we see an overall 8-9 point swing towards the "R" column in November 2010 (entirely possible given last week's results) at least 23 of the 28 Donks on your list will be looking for new work after Election Day.

Even more terrifying for the Donks on your list, a more modest (and perhaps realistic) 4-5 point swing could result in a 20-21 seat pickup for the GOP.

Obama had better pray to the Great Gods of His Kenyan Ancestors that the unemployment rate (now effectively 17.5%) starts falling PDQ. Otherwise, the Donks are facing a GOP tsunami of biblical proportions at the national, state, and even local levels next fall. And Lord Zero's agenda will be dead, dead, D.E.A.D.

May it be so.

Anonymous said...

Anybody who listed David Scott as a 'Blue Dog' was fooling himself. He's been a lockstep Democrat since I was gerrymandered into his district many years ago, and I don't expect him to change. I've never voted for him -- and that won't change, either. What has changed is this: I will donate money to anyone who opposes him, in either a primary or a general election.


Editor said...

The "blue dog" list is from the dawgs official website, if the idiots joined the caucus, they we're attempting to paint themsevles as "fiscal Conservative", well....that would be a lie.

Leon said...

This bill is a job killer.

We make our stand in the Senate.

We will not go silently.

Leon said...

There will be pain for congress.

But for now we must focus on the Senate.

We can't let this bill pass. Period.

Anonymous said...

Can someone please explain the +/- number that appears with each name? I would like to know for sure if that is potential, projected, or the swing from the last election.

Anonymous said...

It is very important that one thing come out of post-vote analysis. We need to know precisely which Democrats voted no ‘by permission’ versus on their principles.

The order of the votes could be the key to this; how many of the Dems voted ‘No’ AFTER they had 218 ‘Yes’. I know for a fact the Chet Edwards (CD17-TX) was a ‘Permission’ No vote. They should pay the price as if they voted Yes because they are supporting those that foisted this nightmare onto us

Anonymous said...

We need to know precisely which Democrats voted no ‘by permission’ versus on their principles

Don't even bother, just assume they all supported it. After all, they supported Pelosi as speaker and she drove it through. Whatever convinced them to vote against this bill, they already demonstrated a profound lack of judgement. Get rid of them. All of them.

These games about shuffling votes to allow vulnerable members of a caucus to vote against an unpopular bill are one of the things that allowed Congress to get to this point. Don't let them play that game any longer.

Ed said...

Harmon and Sanchez as "blue dog" democrats? heh. heh heh. hahaha.
hahahahahaahhahahhhahhh ahhhhh hahahahahahahahahahahhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhahahahahahahahahahahah oh that's too funny.

Editor said...

Those little numbers = whether the district is republican or democrat leaning, and by how much.

According to the Blue dog website, Sanchez and the other creep are bluedogs...

Anonymous said...

You can add Steve Driehaus from Cincinnati to the list. He ran as a Blue Dog, calls himself a Blue Dog, and insinuated that he wasn't voting for the bill this past week...liar...