Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Year in Review at JiP

All blog writers please comment on this very, very large article. Our regular readers should comment as well if it interests them.

Matthew started our little blog in May of last year, writing his first post on May 21st. New posts were slim, especially in June when Matthew only wrote one article. Eventually, however, Matthew added Joe C. on October 24, and me (Michael) on October 26th. Later on, Squeeblz was added on December 11, and Mr. K wrote his first article the following day.

We are marking the one-year anniversary of Matthew, Me, and Joe C. coming together with our first Year in Review. This, I think, will come out to be one huge article, but we'll see where the information takes us.

Major Events at Our Blog Since It's Founding

May 21st, 2008: Jumping in Pools founded with Matthew's article It's My Life, Don't You Forget. It features a collection of doodles and in-jokes.

Somewhere between May 21 and October 23rd- We have a viewer or two.

October 24th- Joe C. joins Jumping in Pools, making him the first contributor. He writes a quick piece introducing himself. It is one of the last times we see him on the blog.

October 26th- Michael joins JiP and features a horror story about going to Wal*Mart.

November 3rd- JiP breaks one thousand hits in a single day for the first time.

November 4th- Election day. The leaders of Jumping in Pools watch the election together in horror. President Obama is elected, defeating Republican Candidate John McCain. JiP breaks 1,000 views again.

November 11th- Matthew writes one of our first satire pieces: Shock as Obama Declares Dinars Official American Currency. It goes on to be Jumping in Pools's first article to garner 1,000 pageviews.

December 11th- Squeeblz joins the blog with an article on The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. It remains his only piece.

December 12th- Mr. K joins Jumping in Pools, writing a piece on New York state, Bill Cherry, and Assemblyman Pete Lopez.

January 5th, 2009- Michael writes a review of Fallout 3. This is the first article to break 6,000 views. Views from it reinvigorate writing for JiP.

January 16th- The Avitabile Brothers write the first Joe's Babe of the Week, a humorous look at annoying women involved in politics. It begins with Nancy Pelosi; the series goes on to garner over 10,000 views.

January 28th- Matthew writes a satire piece entitled Military to Pledge Oath to Obama, Not Constitution. It soon is picked up on Free Republic, and from there goes on to Snopes, Politifact, World Net Daily, and Atlas Shrugs. We break 17,000 pageviews in a single day, break 15,000 the next day, and break 10,000 again February 3rd. In fact, the very first day it hit big, JiP received seven times the pageviews we had in the entire month of December.

The article remains our most looked at, and is quickly approaching 80,000 pageviews.

February 1st- Lute Barnes joins JiP, writing an article about the NY Mets.

March 9th- E_D_Cassabonne joins the Jumping in Pools team and posts a parody of the song American Pie. It goes on to garner over 450 views, making it one of the most successful opening day posts ever.

March 9th (Again)- The first Great Article Race is written. At the time, it only counts the number of posts per person.

March 12th- E_D_Cassabonne writes Is Obama Satan?: The Anti-Christ Test. It goes on to gather over 1,400 views, marking the first article to break 1,000 views that was not written by Michael or Matthew.

March 13th- After months of a near post-drought, Matthew announces that Joe C. may be dead. Later that day, Joe declares that he is not dead.

March 16th- The anniversary of Halabja is remembered.

March 17th- Matthew conducts the first in our series of interviews with Les Hendrix. The series goes on to include Doug Hoffman, speechwriter for President Bush Troy Senik, and Doug Welsh, founder of Stix Blog. The interview series now includes over twenty.

March 25th- Matthew announces that Alezend will be joining the Jumping in Pools family. Alezend writes his first article about Fox News and Canada.

March 29th- The first Joe in History is completed.

April 16th- Jumping in Pools celebrates its 1,000th post ever.

April 27th- Matthew plugs Innominatus's website. Innominatus is really cool.

May 6th- Michael writes an article about the Miss California Nude Scandal. The next day, Jumping in Pools breaks 10,000 pageviews, breaks 14,000 on May 12th, and breaks 11,000 the day after that. The Miss California article goes on to amass over 52,000 pageviews and remains the second largest article in JiP history.

May 15th- Elsewhere breaks onto the Jumping in Pools scene by attacking Serbia.

June 5th- Jumping in Pools tries to control its own destiny with our first of two 10,000 blitzes. This entails extra articles, satire, and at the time, "lols." We write 25 articles that day and do very well, but fall short of our goal with 5,748 pageviews.

June 19th- A second 10,000 Blitz is planned but not carried out because of technical difficulties with Mr. K's computer and "lack of Joe."

July 29th- JiP hits Snopes again, this time for a piece Matthew did on President Obama selling B-2 Bombers to China.

August 2nd- Sirchadthepro comes to Jumping in Pools with his first article, Dota Hero Builds. This article is noted for two reasons: first, it amasses over 500 pageviews, making it an extremely successful first article. Second, it is in the running for nerdiest article on JiP ever.

August 4th- Jumping in Pools reaches 100 followers (including feedburner).

August 13th- JiP hits 2,000 posts ever.

August 22nd- Thecid becomes a writer for the blog, writing what is widely regarded as the worst article in internet history.

August 24th- A gigantic article of stats and peculiarities is written in The Greatest Article Race.

August 25th- Matthew writes a small satire piece on the President's College Thesis, writing that the President believed it was "inherently flawed." Little does he know what the world has in store for it.

August 30th- The first podcast of JiP is released. It features Joe C. (sort of) bothering Michael as he actually tries to complete the podcast.

September 5th- Michael writes a review of the anime Fullmetal Alchemist. It is declared the only good article on our site by Luke.

September 11th- September 11, 2001 is solemnly remembered on the blog.

September 29th- Joe C. shocks the world by writing three articles in one day. Patricia Kay writes a guest article, giving Roman Polanski two thumbs down.

September 30th- Yuriy Malikov is interviewed!!!!!!

October 9th- President Obama wins the Nobel Prize. JiP joins the world by asking WTF?

October 23rd- On a George W. Bush thread, Left Coast Rebel informs us that Rush Limbaugh is talking about our site. Wait, let me rephrase that, RUSH LIMBAUGH is talking about OUR SITE! What is he talking about? Matthew's satire piece on Obama's college thesis.

The internet is abuzz with news that Obama's thesis has been outed. FoxNation runs it along side Pajamas Media, and in particular, Michael Ledeen. Eventually, someone breaks the new to Rush that the piece is satire. He defends the piece, however, declaring it "good comedy." Innominatus leaves the best comment regarding the story, writing "Dude, you almost "Dan Rather'd" El Rushbo with your satire!"

The Huffington Post is all over the story, followed by Media Matters, and on Saturday night, the very front page of Yahoo! News.

On Monday, Matthew is browbeaten on Breitbart in an interview, and then JiP hits prime time. We are mentioned by name in a feature story by Keith Olbermann about Rush Limbaugh being "punked" by our site. The next day, Mr. Limbaugh defended his statement and moved on.

The Obama Thesis article goes on to amass over 31,000 views, making it the third most popular pieces of all time.

October 23rd Continued- For some reason, Little Green Footballs attacks our autistic friend Joe, at first without knowing that he was autistic, then condoning attacks on autistic people as a whole. Charles Johnson himself declared that he had "the right" to attack autistic people.

October 24th- Jumping in Pools breaks 500,000 pageviews all-time.

November 6th- Present Day.

Percent of Readers Per Top 100 Articles

All right, this will need some explanation. First, by "top 100 articles" I mean the 100 articles with the most hits in JiP history. I will take these articles and add up the number of views. Then I will see who wrote them. Then, I will see how many views are from each writer, and finally, I'll put that into a percentage that everyone can understand. Oky Dokey?

By the way, this is an immense amount of work because I've gotta do this by continuing up and adding 100 articles, so give me some love when you leave a comment!

Total Number of Pageviews of Top 100 Articles: 294,737 views

Matthew leads the way with 45 articles in the top 100. Out of those, he got us 187,442 views, or 63.6% of the top 100 views.

Michael in second with 27 articles in the top 100. Out of those, he got us 80,130 views, or 27.2% of the top 100 views.

The Avitabile Brothers, writing articles together, come in third with 15 articles in the top 100. Out of those, they got us 17,500 views, or 5.9% of the top 100 views.

Mr. K comes in fourth with 10 articles in the top 100. Out of those, he got us 7,225 views, or 2.4% of the top views.

E_D_Cassabonne comes in fifth with 2 articles in the top 100. Out of those, he got us 1,923 views, or .7% of the top views.

Sirchadthepro comes in sixth with 1 article in the top 100. Out of that article, he got us 517 views, or .2% of the top views.

Bringing up the rear are thecid, Alezend, Elsewhere, Squeeblz, and Lute Barnes. Get moving you loafers!

And Finally, the Greatest Comment of All-Time:

"Dude, you almost "Dan Rather'd" El Rushbo with your satire!"

Don't forget to leave a comment everybody!

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Mr. d said...

Wait a minute, by satire you mean the articles aren't true?!

Doug Welch said...

good post.

And I did not know you guys did the Obama Thesis. Awesome

Editor said...

Squeeblz also wrote 'Wii wish you a merry Christmas"

Doug Welch said...


I have been busy lately so I have not really looked at that many blogs.

I have madea Social Network for Conservatives

And I am the Tech Editor for also now

Editor said...

Also, I see that a certain Joe C. hasn't been writing.
I want him to have the next big article.

Aurelius said...

Thanks for stopping by Stix!

Doug Welch said...

No problem. I have your blog on my RSS feed, so I try and check it out every day

Luke said...

Wow, Serbia must be a terrible place.

Anonymous said...

Dear Guys (and visitors)

I hadn't realized the history of our little site in just a single year... I look back upon those days fondly.. I promise I'll write soon..

Your Friend,


Private Elijah Casabonne,
United States Army National Guard