Wednesday, December 9, 2009

44% of Americans want Bush.

2008 Presidential election

Barack Obama (D) - 53%

John McCain (R) - 46%

Other candidates - 1%

According to a poll just released from the Democratic Public Policy Polling firm, it appears the American people are beginning to long for President Bush, after just eleven months under the reign of Barack Obama, the most radical President in United States history.

Who would you rather have as President right now?

50% - Barack Obama

44% - George Bush

6% - Unsure.

The Bush administration was not well loved towards the end of his second term, however, President Bush was behind our troops, and the mission without question. President Bush enforced tax cuts which helped all Americans. President Bush nominated two first class Justices to the Supreme Court. President Bush was not running the most corrupt Administration in history. President Bush was not pushing for the destruction of America, Capitalism, freedom, or Israel.

Barack Obama is not behind our troops, he is letting the successful Bush tax cuts expire, he has nominated a radical to the Supreme Court, the Obama White House reeks of corruption, and Obama is pushing the destruction of Capitalism, America as a super power, and Israel in certain if not all aspects.

President Bush was not perfect, however, he was not Barack Obama. The American people are beginning to realize that, as the agenda is becoming more radical as the weeks and months progress, Americans are looking back at better times, and questioning the motives behind the election of such a radical to the White House.

44% of Americans miss President Bush, considering his approval numbers were hovering near 33%, and Barack Obama was elected with 53% of the vote, meaning at least 3% of the electorate who helped to elect him, are realizing their mistake.

Also, given this is from a Democratic poll, it makes the information more interesting.

Thoughts? Are the American people missing President Bush, and the somewhat Conservative agenda his administration was behind?

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JiP said...


Undine said...

Just give them time. After about a month or so more of the Obama administration, I fully expect to see Chris Matthews sporting a "Cheney 2012" button.

Harrison said...

This is very interesting. Obama is losing support among Independent voters who were crucial to his election. If this trend continues let's hope the GOP benefits and there is not a split w/the Tea Party People.