Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Deadline

Over the past few weeks, most members of the Democratic caucus have been pushing hard to pass health care legislation in the Senate, before the Christmas deadline. Regardless of time lines or ignorance, the Senators who make the Democratic caucus what it is, do not understand the concerns, objections, and opposition to the health care legislation, from millions of Americans.

The reason for the Christmas deadline, is not to give the American people "a Christmas present" as Speaker Pelosi once declared during a recent press conference, the deadline is to pass this unpopular legislation before 2010 is upon us. See, it is all about the mental understanding of the 2010 elections, health care legislation, and the American people.

Congressional Democrats are afraid of three things, 1. The 2010 congressional elections, as it is apparent the American people are behind real Conservative change via the GOP, 2. The American people hate the health care legislation, and if it is passed in 2010, anger will arise that will last to November, 3. The American people have found their voices, telephones, email accounts, and local voting booths, Democrats especially fear that last part.

Christmas is crucial to both sides during this health care debate, because the failure of Senate Democrats to secure passing of the health care legislation before Christmas, will spell the end of Democratic attempts to "reform health care", because passage of health care in 2010 will cause the American people to become filled with even more rage, and with the primaries upcoming for congressional elections (House and Senate) that rage will be demonstrated soon.

With opposition to the legislation growing each minute, Obama's approval rating faltering at a historic rate, and two Senate Democrats coming out against the "compromise" legislation, the Christmas deadline will not be met, leading me to believe the health care push is over.

Democrats do not have the votes and pushing this legislation in 2010, would be pure political suicide.

Senators Nelson of Nebraska, and Lieberman of Connecticut cannot and will not support this legislation, giving our opposition 42 votes against cloture, however, the fight is not over, not until we have secured control of the House of Representatives, and created such a toxic atmosphere around health care, Democrats won't come within 100 miles of it.

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