Monday, December 7, 2009

Copenhagen 2009 - one brave Senator, destruction of Capitalism, tens of thousands of idiots.

Tens of thousands of pure idiots are traveling to Copenhagen, the first idiot of the United States will be visiting towards the end stages of the conference, in hopes of delivering a masterful speech and winning Chicago the Olympic bid, what? Sorry, wrong conference.

The future of America and all Capitalistic or free Nations is on the line, as statists, progressives, marxists, socialists, communists, and liberals are hoping to achieve one goal, the end of Capitalism as we know it. This conference is not about global warming, climate change, greenhouse gasses or saving the planet, it is about control, redistributing the wealth, and the destruction of Capitalism.

We do have at least one brave Senator heading to Copenhagen, that would be Senator Jim Inhofe (R- Oklahoma), who is attempting to expose the truth, and defeat the goals of Copenhagen, whether it be in the chambers of the United States Senate or through advocacy. Senator Inhofe has been leading the opposition against the global warming myth for years, and as of late has been battling the horrific "cap & tax" legislation in the Senate.

While I have zero hope in the idiots we have sent to Copenhagen on behalf of the United States, I have hope that all treaties that are returned to the United States Senate, will not pass the Senate, we have enough straight thinking Republicans to oppose the horrific results from the Copenhagen conference, besides for Czech Republic, I am unaware of other Nations that might be able to stop the stupidity.

Senator Inhofe will be leading an anti-climate change truth squad, I wish him the best. Perhaps, it will lead to Little Green Footballs trashing the good Senator again, for a position the owner of the website held just a few years ago. This conference has the future of America in the hands of globalist leaders who seek the destruction of America, what would our Founding Fathers say?

Last question, will the climategate emails hurt the climate change movement, or will the truth be ignored as usual?

We are living in dangerous times, as even though Houston Texas has just had their earliest snowfall on record, the temperature continues to decline as more carbon emissions are released into the air, and the myth of global warming was exposed just a few weeks ago, when emails were leaked about "hiding the decline", it appears the controllers of the world, just care about their destructive plans for Capitalism, what has happened to this world, what has happened to America?

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Clay Barham said...

When someone is to invest in a new enterprise, or brokers start up an Initial Public Offering, a thorough due diligence is done. That means a good, deep investigation of who the enterprise is to serve, how they produce the service, financials, where, and what impact it has on the environment and the legal system, as well as rational estimates of profitability. In most cases, if the start-up is something new, the market for the service is as speculative as a new TV series entertainment executives think will do well. Each of the segments of the due diligence is important to the investor, and the speculative may be of interest to the gambler. But, when probable government actions are input, such as new EPA regulations, energy use, cost, allocation and emissions of carbon dioxide, the risk becomes too great for the investor. If the government acts in such ways to increase the risks to an investor in any new business, the economy is confronted with a major crippling virus. Keep in mind, new and small business accounts for close to three out of four jobs in our economy. New, small, innovative, privately owned small business is the reason America has been so prosperous, and lack of them is the reason other nations in the world are not prosperous. It sounds like our government is rushing to shut America down in order to keep the world’s playing field level.