Monday, December 7, 2009

Rasmussen Reports : America is screwed in three party system.

Suppose the Tea Party organized itself as a political party. When thinking about the next election for Congress, would you vote for the Republican candidate from your district, the Democratic candidate from your district or the Tea Party candidate from your district?



Tea Party




Not sure


While Rasmussen Reports does not state America is screwed, if a third political party is formed, we are screwed. America is a two party system, between Conservatism and Liberalism, the Republicans represent Conservatism, while the Democrats represent Liberalism. A wonderful balance.

Republicans have been fighting the Obama agenda on most if not all of the issues, congressional Republicans have remained united against the Obama agenda, we have great candidates running for Congressional and Gubernatorial seats in 2010, we have won Virginia and New Jersey back, and we have one chance of defeating the liberal Democrats in 2010, that is with a strong Republican party.

41% oppose Democrats, yet under the circumstances presented in the just released polling data, we would lose dozens of seats across the Nation, giving Nancy Pelosi a solid grip over the House of Representatives, maybe then folks will realize we need a strong opposition against the Democrats as Republicans alone, because we are designed as a two party system.

For the sake of America, join or lose - Join the Republicans or lose to the Democrats.

We have momentum, do we want to lose? Do we want to recreate the 1992 and 1996 Presidential elections where Ross Perot handed us eight years of Clinton? Do we want eight years of Obama? Join or lose, join or lose, join or lose.

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Anonymous said...

If the constitution cannot be adhered to in a 2 party system, then perhaps the entire system needs to be torn down.

Zimri said...

It depends.

A regional third party can in theory hold the balance. Look at 1856: the nation had an election (Dems v. Knownothings), and New England had a Republican rally. In reverse there were the various postwar Dixiecrat elections, 1948 and 1968 being the most glaring.

In practice though when that happens, the rest of the Electoral College gets lopsided enough that the voting, or should I say coronation goes on without the "third party".

In 2012 or later I could see Alaska sending an Independence Party slate, and Hawaii a bloc-quebecois "Extortion Party". But they are small states that don't matter.

But I tend to agree with Anonymous that the US has had its shot with democracy and that it should try something else. One of the leftover European ex-monarchs, perhaps.

d.eris said...

"if a third political party is formed, we are screwed."

lol. The people of the United States are already screwed, and they are being screwed by Republicans and Democrats and the political establishment that props up the Democratic and Republican Parties. The only real opposition that can be mounted against the establishment is a third party, independent opposition. As of now, there is no opposition to the Democratic-Republican Party.