Saturday, December 5, 2009

Gateway Pundit attacked.

BREAKING: Gateway Pundit blog came under at least two cyber attacks tonight that shut down the First Things website. This came after the report today on Barack Obama’s Safe Schools Czar’s child porn books.

Even though Jumping in Pools and Gateway Pundit are not on friendly terms, it appears a few disgusting liberals attacked the blog last night after Mr.Hoft posted an article in regards to the sickness of Obama's safe schools czar. The pathetic losers who attacked Gateway Pundit must be found and exposed.

I offer all of my help to Mr.Hoft. We are facing a brutal ideological counterpart which cannot handle the truth, and we must stand together against the insane.

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Matthew Avitabile said...

GP's a chronic exaggerator. I wouldn't be surprised if he was outright lying.

Michael Avitabile said...

Gateway Pundit blows and is full of it.