Saturday, December 5, 2009

The real spirit of Christmas.

Nothing hurts worse than ingratitude. God loves a thankful heart, and it is with regret that I must acknowledge my own failure to make appropriate expressions of my gratitude for all His many gifts.

Chief among God's grace toward me has been the "angels unawares" sent my way, including Smitty -- who deserves more far more praise than he gets -- and those of my readers who have hit my tip jar. When I first started getting tip-jar hits, I scrupulously replied with thank-you e-mails, and those who included their phone numbers on the PayPal form could expect a phone call.

More recently, however -- especially since the Charles Johnson affair -- things have piled up horribly here. My e-mail inbox constantly overflows, and then there has been the travel: The shoe-leather trips to D.C. to cover IG-Gate, Right Online conference, the 9/12 March, the Kentucky trip, NY23 and the Orlando trip for the last stop of the Tea Party Express.

Of the many things that have been neglected and back-burnered during this time, the one thing I should not have shunted aside was my obligation to say thank-you to everyone who, by their regular readership and tip-jar contributions, have helped make all this possible.

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The Other McCain might be one of the top Conservative blogs in the entire blogosphere, however, Jumping in Pools does not beg for tips, we demand them! As for Mr.McCain, you're doing a great job, no need to offer thanks, just a few linkings will do.

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Joe C. said...

You know that the "other McCain" is a neo-Confederate, right?

Mr. K said...

Pure slander.