Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Interview: Harrison Price

Harrison Price is the author of the Just Politics...? blog and is a friend of JiP. We're honored to be able to interview him. This is number thirty one in our series. As Harrison puts it "

I have never been registered with any political party and have voted for both Democrats and Republicans over the years. I have never voted for a presidential candidate who won their election bid nor have I ever missed an opportunity to vote.

I take a critical eye towards high taxation, large government, social engineering strategies, the belief that the United States is the biggest problem in the world, and “Group Think.”

1. What was the inspiration to start your site?

The election of Barack Obama was what caused me to begin my website however I had been mulling it over for some time before that. I feel that Liberal websites are just so over-the-top and many Conservative websites are just harping on typical topics like abortion, gay rights, etc. I felt that if I could write articles that people would read and say to themselves: "That is reasonable" then I would be happy.

2. Have you considered running for public office?

I have not... I would not be acceptable for public office and would not be willing to endure what is required, either.

3. What has been the Obama Administration's biggest achievement so far?

I think the Obama Administration's biggest achievement so far has been to make people realize that "Hope and Change" makes a great slogan but a lousy platform for running the country.

4. Biggest failure?

The Big Government mentality as typified by the "stimulus."

5. Do you believe that a third party candidate can win in 2012?

Our Electoral College does not allow for 3rd Parties to do well so the answer is no.

6. Can the Republicans retake Congress next year?

If the Republicans cannot retake Congress in 2010 then there is no hope for them or for our country.

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