Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Other McCain to Pasadena - Mr.K to the Rose Bowl?

Alabama is heading to the BCS National championship game, leaving The Other McCain stuck in Virginia, watching the boring coverage on ABC. Well, Mr.McCain is also a Christian who believes in miracles, and he is calling upon his readers to fulfill the McCain wish.

I doubt it. As much as I'd like to go cover Alabama vs. Texas in the BCS game, I simply don't think our readers would hit the tip jar to fund such a trip.


Readers of Jumping in Pools, I call on you to fulfill the wish of a man who is balding, and in is mid-forties, because deep inside, we are all this man. Also, if Mr.McCain raises enough money, I will be advocating for a donation to purchase tickets to the Oregon Ducks bowl game - the Rose Bowl.
Though, I doubt it.
On a more serious note, I would like to thank for linking the articles Eric Dondero and myself have written over the past week in regards to Conservatives and Libertarians uniting to defeat our mutual enemies, Liberals and Democrats.
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