Monday, December 7, 2009


Who doesn't like dinosaurs that could have eaten you whole in one bite?

From the Asia New Network:

The Spinosaurus is a type of dinosaur that lived on the surface of earth around one hundred million years ago. The origin of Spinosarus is North Africa. A Germen explorer, Ernst Stromer discovered the remains of this strange animal in 1910. The original remains became the victim of World War II and were destroyed. In the recent years, the scientists have managed to collect different fragments of the skull but still there is an ambiguity regarding the fragments that they are of one or two species. S. Aegyptiacus is the best collection of remains from Egypt. Another similar Spinosarus has been discovered from Morocco.

Spinosaurus are very popular among dinosaur-lovers because of its mammoth body and vey long skull. But this information was originated by the actual remains that were destroyed in the World War II which were kept side by side with the recent discovery of

remains to arrive at the final shape hypothetically. The newly found teeth and skull fragments helped in making the imaginary picture of the Spinosaurus.

The skull of the Spinosaurus is considered as the largest skull on the surface of the earth. The size of the skull is around six feet (5.75 feet). The teeth are straight and conical without any serrations between them. The conical and sharp projection of theskull towards its nose makes it extraordinarily different animal. The sail of the Spinosaurus is of very large size. The size of the sail is many times greater thanthe original vertebrae from which they grow.

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