Thursday, December 3, 2009

Quote of the Day

Shortly thereafter I learned that the whole thing was made up, it was a satire piece on an obscure website. Then I said, "Okay, folks, I have to tell you, it's satire, there's no evidence that Obama ever wrote this, but, Media Tweak of the Day, I don't care, I know he thinks it anyway because I've got audio of Obama saying it, talking about the Supreme Court." And we all got a great laugh about it because I corrected it immediately, I explained that it was a hoax, or was satire and then to tweak the media I said, "But I don't care, I'm sticking with it because I know he thinks it anyway." So I dished out to Obama what the whole media did to me and I dished it back at the media as well. And Koko at the website called me on Friday here, e-mailed me, said, "Look, you want me to leave this thing up?" I said "Yes, leave it on the website as is, so these idiot media people who want to find out what actually happened can go in and take the time to read it and see it. And leave the original piece up where I got the first information that this was something he had written in his thesis." So here is yesterday morning, Monday morning, 1010WINS in New York, a montage of correspondent Alice Stockton-Rossini's report about this.
-- Limbaugh on the Thesis 'hoax'

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