Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A few tips for CNN.

Well, with the new television ratings just released, it appears CNN is losing even more of their shrinking audience, as the Lou Dobbs time slot has lost 25% of its viewers since the longtime broadcaster left the network, providing the shrinking audience with zero known right of center personalities.

Since I am a nice guy, I would like to offer CNN a few tips on how to have a larger audience then the pathetic MSNBC.

Political diversity

Liberals will always claim diversity, however, CNN is a prime example of liberalism gone wild, and the ratings going south. See, the network is dominated, breathes, and is chained to the evil that is liberalism, leaving no room for opposition voices. Viewers like some political diversity, which is why Fox News is growing each and every day, among other reasons, such as factual reporting, a different matter for a different day.

The last known right of center host on the network, has left the network. Not to mention, Glenn Beck left the CNN sister station HeadLine News last fall, leaving the sister stations with zero voices of opposition to the Obama agenda, an agenda most Americans oppose, but few networks will report on.

If CNN or HLN wanted to become a relevant news channel again, the road to success includes the addition of Conservative or even Libertarian voices to the network, proving for a balance approach to the news, and even some interest amongst right of center folks (3PM & 7PM slots are prime for a good Conservative host, considering Fox News has their worst host on at that time).

Report the damn news

Let us think about this for a second, Fox News has exposed the radical Van Jones and his position in the White House, Fox News was/is the lone network reporting on millions of Americans protesting out of control government and spending, Fox News has been the source for information on the ACORN scandal involving two brave independent reporters exposing a criminal organization, and Fox News has served as the lone voice of opposition or the lone platform for opposing views of the Obama administration.

All of the other networks, remained silent and ignorant, to the point one supposed journalist in the Main Stream Media wasn't aware of the ACORN scandal....a scandal almost all of the American public was outraged over . If CNN wants to become a force in the cable news business, reporting the news all opinions would be interested in, or just reporting the truth, would be a good start.


If the well known failure that is the Clinton News Network folds tomorrow, I will not give a damn. However, if CNN wants to remain in operation, the addition of Conservative hosts will help, and the practice of reporting the truth that is news, instead of the slant that is Ideological pandering, will revive the network.

The failures of CNN is not a tough riddle to crack, the failures of reaching out to 40% of self declared Conservatives, while reporting the liberal misinformation slant of the news, is the cause for the epic failure of CNN. An epic failure, which can be turned into a success, however, I rather doubt it.

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Anonymous said...

CNN claims they are taking the Centrist road leaving the Right to Fox and the Left to MSNBC but CNN is just as biased as MSNBC is while Fox is more balanced.

Harrison said...

Opps that was me sorry!

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