Saturday, December 5, 2009

Senator Baucus nominated girlfriend to US attorney post.

Montana Senator and a leading Democrat pushing the health care legislation, Max Baucus has been exposed for nominating his girlfriend to be the United States attorney in Montana, where the two reside. Melodee Hanes started working with Senator Baucus in July of 2003, their relationship began in the summer of 2008 - Baucus and his wife have since been divorced, and she left his Senate office earlier this year to take a job in the Department of Justice.

In a blatant step of corruption, Senator Baucus nominated Hanes to be the United States attorney in Montana along with five other people, her nomination along with two others would then be approved by a third party reviewer, and was then sent to the White House to make a official nomination.

Hanes would later withdraw from consideration for the nomination, so she could live with Baucus in Washington D.C., and he would help her with a cozy job at the Department of Justice. When elected officials are sent to Congress, there is a certain amount of trust the electorate has invested in their officials, and Montana is a state that does not deal with corruption.

Baucus should be impeached for corruption, and if the Democrats circle the wagons around another corrupt politician, the folks of Montana should retire Baucus from the United States Senate, because this kind of behavior is unworthy of a Senator, and of the average individual.

Over the span of seven years, 500,000 in taxpayer dollars went to Hanes while employed for Senator Baucus, it feels like the American public has been screwed, especially since she is now working in the Department of Justice, she should be fired, along with her boyfriend.

Legistorm data on Melodee Hanes -

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1 comment:

Reaganite Republican said...

Dems just continue to rub their power-drunk arrogance in our faces... had enough yet?

Imagine what the Left would have been saying had Mark Sanford proceeded to go and get his mamasita a gubment job... these people's hypocrisy knows no bounds whatsoever- disgusting.