Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Florida's 19th congressional special election - official results.

Florida's 19th congressional special election is officially over, as the Florida Department of State Division of Elections has finally updated their website to include the final results from the special election that was held yesterday. As I suspected and the Media reported: Ted Deutch won the election with relative ease, but Republicans have gained in this steadfast Democratic district.

Ted Deutch (D) - 43,255 - 62.1%.
Ed Lynch Jr. (R) - 24,539 - 35.2%.
Jim McCormick (I) - 1,905 - 2.7%.

Congressman Wexler (D) who resigned a few months ago to pursue personal interests, won reelection in this district with 66.2% of the vote in November of 2008, while Ed Lynch Jr. (also the Republican candidate in 2008) received just 27.2% of the vote. President Obama also won this district with close to 65% of the vote; while remaining Democratic, this district has turned towards Republicanism, just a bit, but still.

On a final note:

Just 19% of the Democratic voters who supported Wexler in 2008 came out yesterday to support Deutch. However, close to 29% of Republican voters who supported Lynch in 2008 came out yesterday to support Lynch again. That could be a precursor for the upcoming November elections.

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