Monday, April 19, 2010

The Heptagon of Ideologies.

When the American people imagine or hypothesize our political landscape and our associated ideologies, most are content with the "Left or Right" argument, even some prefer the "up or down" argument, as documented at the political website - Nolan Chart. I disagree with both, because our government is designed in a "slippery" slope fashion, and there is no better way it can be described, but as the Heptagon of Ideologies.

When our Founding Fathers wrote and passed the United States Constitution back in the 1780's, our political landscape was one of definite right-of-center principles. We remain there to this day and liberal attempts to change that, have failed without question. But how did the Founder's set up our system, so the Nation would be allowed to swing left or right without falling off of the left or right political cliffs?

The Founding Fathers installed a system of Checks and Balances into our government, a Bill of Rights to protect the most sacred of individual freedoms, and a wall of separation between the United States Government and the American people. However, none of that is the reason, but the American people, who crave freedom and liberty, and know how to use their sacred voting rights, is what has maintained us as a strong Nation for over 200 years.

Before I continue on, it's about time the folks understand the "Heptagon" I included in this post and that Matthew Avitabile created for me last night.

Green - Centrist.

Blue - Conservative.

Purple - Liberal.

Grey - Libertarian.

Pink - Progressive.

Lower Right Red - Anarchism.

Lower Left Red- Communism.

America as we know it, is a definite right-of-center Nation that leans on Conservatism as their bedrock, and at times - is situated as a Centrist Nation, though that happens when Liberalism has regained some ground, though that doesn't happen often and that doesn't last long. Has the United States as a Nation ever been liberal as a whole? Yes, during the 1930's, but besides for that, Conservatism has never been lost, even during the worst of times.

So what does the Heptagon of Ideologies represent?

Well, it represents how our Nation was formulated, and how our Founders designed a political landscape that accepts Conservatism for the most part, and Liberalism under drastic situations, but keeps America balanced. You have to remember something, if America tilts too far to the right or too far to the left, we'll descend into complete ruin - Communism on the left, and down right Anarchism on the right.

If America as a Nation drifts too far to the Left or too far to the Right, we're gonna slip up, and we'll never regain our footing = falling into the pits of ideological hell; Communism or Anarchism.

That's the Heptagon of Ideologies.


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