Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Interview with Bob McConnell, Republican Candidate in Colorado's Third District

Jumping in Pools is proud to present our 77th interview in our on-going series. Today, we are happy to have Republican Bob McConnell of Colorado answer some of our questions. Mr. McConnell is a conservative who is running for election in Colorado's Third Congressional district. Feel free to check out his campaign site here. Thanks to Mr. McConnell for an excellent interview:

Why are you the best choice for Colorado's Third District?

I grew up in a military family, spent a career in the army, am a combat veteran, and will reach out to the 70,000 veterans in the 3rd CD who are rightfully frustrated with John Salazar's hollow promise to them. I have been a rancher, a mountain guide, and a ski patroller. I understand the challenges of making a living on the land, the importance of tourism, and the need to develop energy independence using our resources. I went to law school on an army scholarship, was counsel in almost two hundred criminal trials.

I know how formulate, make and win arguments. This is called debate in congress. I have a master of laws degree in labor and employment law, and know the morass of federal laws that are strangling American business. I am a graduate of the army command and general staff school, and the air force air war college.

I know the importance of identifying our enemies and uniting the American people to defeat our enemies. This is called leadership. I spent ten years working for responsible development of mountain resources, received a national award and wrote a book about my work. That gives me credibility with the independents and conservative democrats we will need to win this election. I am doing this, not because I need a job, or to win a popularity contest. I am doing this because I am angry about what is happening to our country.

Do you believe our Founding Fathers were inspired by the Lord to write the constitution?

I believe the Founders relied on the Bible and their faith as the inspiration to write the Constitution.

What are your feelings about the Tea Parties that have swept across the country in the last year?

I believe we must unite the energy and anger of the Tea Parties with the experience of the Republican Party to win in 2010.

Do you believe that our nation must unite to win back our country and return to our conservative roots?


If given the chance, would you vote to repeal the Health Care Bill that the President and Democrats just passed?

Repeal, and replace it with market drive solutions to the real problem of escalating costs. Why? Because this is a state, not a federal issue, and I believe this law does not solve problems, it creates more problems.

Anything more you would like to add?

Check out my website, and feel the energy and excitement of my campaign.

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Anonymous said...

Bob McConnell is the ONLY candidate to vote for in the 3CD. He is a refreshing change from the "party" candidate. He is Tea Party endorsed and has the fortitude to take our country back. For you others out there not lucky enough to be in his district. When he goes to Washington you will wish you could clone him and send 400 of him there.

Reverend Leffler said...

Bob McConnell IS the man for the job. While other candidates are hiding out it is Bob who is actually seeking the people. He has awaken many and scared those already with power. Thank you Bob.. Let's take you to Washington to "Tear down the wall of arrogance"!!!

Mike said...

Bob is a true American hero. I know that he feels the same way that I and many of my freinds do. He is NOT a carrer politician, he is running on the promise of doing a job and coming home.
I ask everyone to check Bob out for themselvs and come to their own decision.
We have a true choice and a true difference between Bob and the "also rans".