Thursday, April 15, 2010

Interview with Michael Willman, Owner of Cobleskill's 'Games A Plunder'

Jumping in Pools is proud to present our 79th interview in our on-going series. Today, we are pleased to have Michael Willman answer our questions. Mr. Willman is the owner of Games A Plunder, a local business in Cobleskill that sell video games, systems, and accessories. Feel free to visit the Games A Plunder homepage here. Thanks to Mr. Willman for a good interview:

Why did you start "Games A Plunder?"

I started Games A Plunder because I was driving through town one day and I thought to myself that Cobleskill needed a video game store. I had recently graduated from SUNY Oswego with a degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Entrepreneurship and Business Management with the hopes of eventually starting my own business. I never imagined it would be so soon, but here it is.

Where do you see your business in two years?

In two years I see Games A Plunder being a successful, well established addition to Main Street Cobleskill.

Do you have a favorite gaming system, and if so, what?

My favorite gaming system is probably the PlayStation 2. It has games for whatever you are in the mood for, and I never personally got into the X-Box.

What's your favorite video game you have ever played?

My favorite video game is a tie between two games for the original 8-bit Nintendo. Tetris and Super Mario Bros. 3.

Are there any video games that you've played that you think are over-rated?

For the games I plan to play I don't really check into the official ratings or do much research as to how most people thought it was, I tend to instead go by what my friends thought about it so I can't really say if any were over-rated.

Is there anything that you would like to add?

Games A Plunder is located at 555 Main Street Cobleskill NY, Across from Pizza Shack and will soon have a sign above the window. You can buy or sell video games and the pricing is done by an outside company so the prices are competitive with other video game stores that take the games. The inventory is constantly changing so everybody should stop in often.

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Oh there will be plenty to plunder!

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zack winnie said...

having been to games a plunder as well as becoming a member which has outstanding benefits i can say that games a plunder is the best top notch customer service the best game selction of anywhere i'v been and i'v been to all the big name game stores as well as some smaller ones and a real shopping pleasure i have and would reccomend games a pluner to anyone :)