Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Liberals don't understand there is good and evil.

President Barack Obama announced new policies on America's nuclear weapons this morning, and like the Liberal movement as a whole, it represents blind ignorance on the fact that among individuals and nations, there is good and there is evil. Obama's new nuclear weapon policies involve never using our nuclear weapons, even if we're attacked.

I'm not sure if I read the history correct (perhaps Obama has a separate history from the rest of the Nation), but America's nuclear weapon's prevented a catastrophic World War 3 between the Soviets and America for decades, with the assistance of President Reagan and his Star Wars or Missile Defense in the Eighties.

Back to representing liberalism as a whole: When liberals hear of a man being gunned down, their first reaction is to blame the gun, instead of the murderer who could have used a knife, bomb, bat, plastic bag, Obama's speech, car, or even a toothpick. The same goes for nuclear weapons: Instead of realizing that nuclear weapons can be used for good or evil, pending on which Nation controls them, Obama is blaming the nuclear weapon, a critical component of America's National Defense.

We're in serious trouble here. Our supposed Commander-in-Chief is pursuing a personal lifelong goal instead of pursuing the best interests of America. This man is a radical on all issues, even on National Defense this man is willing to sacrifice national interest for personal interest. How selfish could one man be?

God forbid a rogue Nation attacks us under Obama.

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Unknown said...

They only believe in more government.