Friday, April 2, 2010

O'Reilly is a Catholic. Do I care?

Bill O'Reilly published a short article on why he remains a devoted Catholic to this day, despite the constant scandals enthralling the Church. Well, as a Evangelical Christian who doesn't and never wants to belong to one specific denomination or another, should I care about the personal religion of Bill O'Reilly?

I don't think so.

Members of the Main Stream Media are attacking the Catholic Church, the Pope and almost all members of the Church itself, it's nothing but character assassination. I could care less, because the Main Stream Media doesn't define what I believe or think, and Catholics shouldn't let the negative press affect their personal lives.

I can understand the public announcement of O'Reilly, but it doesn't bother me; as a Christian who will be mocked on a regular basis among certain individuals and circles, a certain amount of callus is required to deal with the unbearable. I'm not calling O'Reilly a wuss or anything to that degree, but those that attack your faith, want one thing and one thing alone: A passionate reply from a famous and successful person, in order to embolden themselves.

With all of that said: I hope that everyone has a wonderful Easter, and that everyone remembers the sacrifice of Jesus.

Also, I could care less about the confessions of a Baptist, Mormon, Lutheran, Methodist or all other Denominational Christians. If you are a believer and a follower of Jesus Christ, there is no reason to announce or defend your Christian views, because what's right with you is all that matters, not the public perception of what is and isn't right.

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JImmy's Wang said...

Get READY! SET! GO!!!!!!!!


Jimmy's Wang said...


Jimmy's Wang said...

Tell Gay pants NO! Unless that's what you want!!?!?

Jimmy's Wang said...


Southern Man said...

I think you have been spammed by a wang. Aside from that I agree with you 100%. I am a Catholic but I view all Christians as my brothers regardless of their denomination. I would hope that it is that way with all of us.