Saturday, April 10, 2010

Polish Patriot Perishes.

Lech Kaczynski and 95 other passengers perished this morning in Russia, as their decades old air plane, a horribly dense fog and the ignorance of the Pilot combined for a devastating crash this morning, of which a Polish Patriot; President Lech Kaczynski and his wife, died on impact.

Kaczynski fought communism through out his entire life, was imprisoned for his anti-communist stances, fought corruption while Mayor of Warsaw, founded a Conservative political party that is well respected, fought the common homosexual agenda and lifestyle, and he stood strong for his Nation and our common Western values during his four years as President.

The world of Patriots is a bit smaller this afternoon, as a honorable man who fought the scourge of earth in Poland, was taken from his Nation, his Family and this World too soon for my liking, but I hope we can all remember this brave man for who he was. I would also like to call on the House of Representatives and United States Senate to pass a resolution honoring the former President of Poland, as their first order of business when Congress reconvenes.

May those who perished Rest In Peace.

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Lead Generation said...

A big loss for the Poland government, lets hope the death of the President is not linked with the conspiracy theories.

Harrison said...

Someone should have hired better pilots and bought them a newer plane... 20 year old Russian technology is not the best.