Monday, April 19, 2010

Senate Republican Primaries - National Defense on the ballot.

It's amazing to watch the Senatorial Republican Primaries across the Nation, and how the issue of the hour is National Defense, the issue that all Republicans should be behind, regardless of the fiscal impact. Economics is not defining several Republican Primaries, but National Defense is, as such, Conservatives must select the candidates of National Defense, above all else.

Kentucky Senate GOP Primary:

Trey Grayson - NeoConservative.
Rand Paul - NeoLiberaltarian.

Indiana Senate GOP Primary:

Daniel Coats - NeoConservative.
John Hostettler - NeoLiberaltarian.
Marlin Stutzman - NeoConservative

Utah Senate GOP Primary:

Bob Bennent - NeoConservative.
Mike Lee - NeoLiberal.

Arizona Senate GOP Primary:

John McCain - NeoConservative.*
JD Hayworth - NeoConservative.

California Senate GOP Primary:

Tom Campbell - NeoLiberal.
Carly Fiorina - NeoConservative.
Chuck DeVore - NeoConservative.

The above mentioned Republican Primaries will define whether or not we will remain the political party of National Defense, or National Isolationism. There's a reason why I support Trey Grayson, Senator Bennent and Senator McCain in their campaigns, while I oppose Tom Campbell, and John Hostettler: It's their stance on National Defense, and National Defense alone.

Fiscal Conservatism means nothing if we don't have NeoConservatism, or National Defense oriented Conservatism. It's too important to ignore during the coming Primaries, and as for those who dismiss National Defense issues for "small government", remember September eleventh, please, and how inaction and weakness resulted in the death of 3,000 Americans.

* - Senator McCain was the force behind the successful Iraqi Surge in the United States Senate, and for that: He deserves credit, kudos and votes.

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