Saturday, April 17, 2010

Shameless promotion of Twitter account.

I've been "tweeting" for several months now, most of which has consisted of promoting Jumping In Pools on a semi-regular basis. I hold on to a few sacred principles when "tweeting"; personal "tweets" are idiotic and should be avoided; promotional "tweets" offer real value against cheap and personal value; don't let close relatives or friends read your "tweets", ever.

Like all formats and sources of "personal or social media", those who participate have a warped mindset as to what their saying, writing or doing. It appears that most either believe that all of their readers are from across the world or that all of their readers are in their own neighborhood laughing out loud at idiotic comments, pictures and videos.

Erick Erickson fell into a similar mindset as a blogger at RedState, he thought that owning a blog allows someone to write whatever they wish, and that his small group of friends are the only ones that would read it. Under normal circumstances, his mindset would be understandable and correct, but Erickson is a Town Councilman and a voice within the Conservative movement, he holds a great deal of responsibility on two fronts, and he should know better.

Back to Me - I wrote this post for one specific reason; to encourage all members of the Right Of Center movement to make the plunge, and become a "follower" of my semi-regular "tweets" of Conservative brilliance, because even though I have Senator DeMint following my "tweets", as a Conservative: I wanna be the best that I can, so give me followers or give me tweets!

Note: Shameless promotion of Twitter account is now over, please prepare for regular programming to proceed as scheduled, Thank You, and please make sure to "follow" Tim's "tweets", or else.

Also, on a serious note: Should "tweeters", "bloggers" and "social media misfits" post what they want without regard for future consequences, or be safe: Because you never know what's down the road?

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