Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tea Party Express endorses Minnick?

The Tea Party Express has endorsed Walt Minnick (D-Idaho's 1st congressional district) in his reelection campaign for a second term. Minnick is the lone Democrat to receive this honor, and the movement couldn't have endorsed someone worse.

Walt Minnick was elected to the United States House of Representatives in 2008, defeating a Conservative Republican in a district that Senator McCain won with 60% of the vote, while he proclaims himself a Conservative Democrat, he has supported Pelosi for Speaker, Rangel for Chairman of the Weighs and Means Committee, has voted for HR 4173 and he represents a reliable pro-abortion, anti-defense worldview.

Minnick is apart of the problem, not a solution. We have several Conservative Republicans running in this district, to provide the residents of this district with 100% Conservative representation in Congress, instead of 30 or 40%. The Tea Party Express is endorsing a Democrat to fight off rumors of being a "GOP" operation, but what happens when Tea Partiers playing "politics as usual" hurts the Nation at large?

If this is a representative for the Tea Party movement at large, than Conservatives should distance themselves without question, because we cannot be apart of a movement that plays politics to combat perceived political bias, as we'll all lose in the end. Minnick represents a one hundred percent Conservative district, and our supposed allies are settling for a 30% Conservative on limited issues.


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