Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tea Party Mania - April 15, 2010.

Today is Tax Day for tens of millions of American citizens across this great Nation of ours, and what better way to celebrate it; then protesting high taxation on the populace! It's true that I cast suspicion on Tea Parties when it comes to political affairs, but these protests across the United States is where all Conservatives should stand strong in support of the movement.

After the successful Tea Party rally in Boston, Massachusetts which featured Sarah Palin as their featured speaker, I am optimistic that the North Eastern United States will be reporting massive rallies, as the fiscal conservative nature of North Easterners (it's true to some degree) will be heard.

Close to one million American citizens protested last April 15th against big government and big taxation, and that was before Obamacare and Cap & Trade was passed, I wouldn't be surprised if close to two million American citizens joined ranks this April 15th, including myself: Who will be attending his first Tea Party meeting this evening.

That's right: I will be attending a local Tea Party meeting (not a protest, but a local chapter is organizing) out of interest and out of a deep seeded desire to report original news to all those who read this blog. Sure, I'm traveling just three miles to attend this meeting, but for those Conservatives who are still unsure about the movement, I'm hoping to shine some light on it.

Through out the entire afternoon and evening, I will be updating the website with numbers and figures from the thousands of ongoing protests from around the Nation, including the meeting I will be attending tonight. I am predicting two million attendees for the Tea Party rallies; sure it's a stretch for an unorganized movement, but so was one million last April.

Also, everyone who has attended a protest this afternoon or evening is welcomed and encouraged to post a comment about the protest, the attendance and the overall experience on Jumping in Pools and feel free to email me to my personal account -

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Robin said...

Tea parties rallies serve as a terrific reminder that many fellow Americans share the same values - limited government, fiscal accountability, and sane policy. You will find people who hate our involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan standing shoulder to shoulder with men and women who have served there. You will find disgusted Democrats and previously apathetic conservatives holding signs with strikingly similar messages. Mostly, you will find that all ages and all races are represented at these rallies.

This is the public celebration of the "Great Awakening" that is underway. The real work is happening in meetings and through online social networks as regular people learn how to change the way government works, starting at the local level.

Have fun.

Mr. d said...

There is a Tea Party meeting today in Schoharie County at 5:30 in Richmondville! At the Lancester develpoment building!

Mr. d said...

There is a Tea party meeting right here in Schoharie County today at 5:30 on Route 7 in Richmondville at the Lancaester Development Building!