Monday, April 5, 2010

We can enact federal term limits.

When Conservatives think about federal term limits, most will ponder on the failure of Newt Gingrich and the Contract With America Republicans to pass a Constitutional amendment restricting our representatives from serving more than twelve years in office.

Well over 218 representatives supported the Constitutional amendment, but our effort couldn't achieve the necessary two-thirds majority in the House of Representatives. One must admit this as well: There was no way term limits could receive the support of 67 Senators if the amendment did pass the House.

Unless the Conservative movement can elect a two-thirds Republican controlled House of Representatives and United States Senate, a Constitutional amendment approach to term limiting Congress should be out of the question. However, we should direct all of resources on passing federal term limits through traditional legislative means.

Despite what some will announce or declare; repealing federal legislation is near impossible, look at Republican efforts to repeal the health care legislation for exhibit "a", and neither Republicans nor Democrats would touch term limits when enacted. Not only would the legislation be near impossible to repeal, and political suicide for all those who dare attempt, it would also secure an easier path for passing federal term limit legislation:

218 yeas in the House.
60 yeas in the Senate.

Career politicians are endangering our Republic, and limiting them through whatever means possible to a regulated amount of time in Congress is crucial for the sake of our beloved Nation. Perhaps a Constitutional amendment would be the securest route, but we cannot afford to be picky at this time.

We must tell our legislative leaders and fellow pro-term limit organizations: pass federal term limits legislation with 218 yeas in the House and 60 yeas in the Senate, because we can no longer await for the impossible, but we must act on the possible.

218. 60. 1.

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