Friday, April 16, 2010

Young Republicans demand Representation!

Remember Congressman Eric Massa (NY 29) and his worldwide resignation tour? Well, when he resigned from office last March, he left New York's 29th congressional district without a man or woman representing them. That wouldn't be a problem under normal circumstances, as a special election would be called into being by the Governor, as required in the US Constitution.

However, Governor David Paterson is not following the United States Constitution and he is not respecting the lack of representation for over 600,000 citizens of New York, as he has not called for a special congressional election to replace the vacant seat, due his political bias and reasoning.

New York's 29th congressional district is a Republican dominated district, that was turned over to Democratic control in November of 2008, after Eric Massa flipped his 6,000 vote loss in 2006 into a 5,000 vote victory 2008, leaving the Conservative minded folks of this district with a self professed progressive and tickle-me-elmo sexpert.

Unlike the two special congressional elections that were held in 2009, New York's 29th district has a lone Republican candidate, who has received the endorsements of all other potential GOP candidates, and who has a great record as the Mayor of Corning, New York. Tom Reed is also a downright Conservative individual who will win, and who has the complete support and backing of Conservatives and Republicans alike.

This district will vote Republican and Paterson will not allow that under his partisan watch as Governor. I first wrote about the special election issue several weeks ago, and the New York State Young Republicans (whom I love with a passion) have been discussing this election for several weeks now, but the time for discussion is over, and the time for the required election is now.

I am pleased to report the following news: The New York State Young Republicans have launched a petition to demand Governor Paterson declare a special election into being. As petitions go; this could awaken the Upstate media and perhaps a few legislators, but if we New Yorkers want a special election to be held: We must ask and plead with our representatives to introduce legislation forcing the Governor to follow the Constitution.

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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad people are calling Paterson on this. Thoise folks deserve a congressional rep. No taxation without representation!