Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bloggers needed in NY 29.

Just as Conservative bloggers were needed in New York's 23rd district, the Senate election in Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania's 12th district; our call of duty is now in New York's 29th district, where Governor David Paterson is refusing to allow a special congressional election to restore representation for political reasons.

When Congressman Eric Massa resigned in March of this year, most expected the Governor to move quickly in calling a special election, just as he had in New York's 20th and 23rd districts. But, Governor Paterson is using the lame excuse of "disenfranchising" voters to avoid calling a special election until November.

Disenfranchising voters is not calling a special election until November! And allowing his citizens to go ten whole months without representation in the Peoples house of Congress is immoral at best, evil at worst.

Tom Reed and his campaign have been fighting against Governor Paterson in Court, attempting to force a Constitutionally mandated special election in New York's 29th congressional district. I believe it's time for members of the Blogosphere; whether you reside in New York, New Jersey, Virginia, Rhode Island, or otherwise; to unite behind the Reed campaign, and demand Governor Paterson call a special election to restore representation.

Please visit the Tom Reed for Congress campaign website, and please consider visiting NY 29 in the coming weeks and months, so national attention can be directed towards the incompetence of Governor Paterson, and at the lack of "voting" representation in the Peoples House for over six hundred thousand American citizens.

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